Thursday, February 17, 2011

IBC Occupancy Classifications for A B and E

Below is the occupancy classifications as described in the 2009 International Building Code: Softcover Version.

Groups F, Groups H, and Groups I

Chapter 3

Assembly Group A:  Uses intended fro the gathering together of persons for the purposes such as civic, social or religious functions, recreation, food or drink consumption or awaiting transportation.  A room of less than 50 persons used for assembly but is accessory to a different occupancy shall be considered that different occupancy.  Assembly areas less than 750 s.f. which is accessory to a different occupancy is not considered assembly.  Assembly rooms which are accessory to Group E are not considered as Group A.  Religious education rooms and auditoriums with occupant loads less than 100 persons which are accessory to churches are considered A-3.  Group A is divided into five sub groups as follows:

A-1: Usually with fixed seating, intended for production and viewing of the performing arts or motion pictures.
A-2: Uses intended for food and drink consumption.
A-3: Uses intended for worship, recreation or amusement and other assembly uses not otherwise classified.
A-4: Uses intended for viewing of indoor sporting events and activities with spectator seating.
A-5: Uses intended for participation in or viewing outdoor activities.

Business Group B:  Assembly occupancies less than 50 persons and/or uses intended for office, professional or service type transactions, including storage of records and accounts.

Educational Group E:  Uses intended by 6 or more persons at any time for educational purposes through the 12th grade.  Daycare uses for educational, supervision or personal care services for more than 5 children older than 2 1/2 years of age.