Thursday, May 16, 2013

System Sensor Fire Alarm Testing the Easy Way

We are fortunate as an FCI (Fire Control Instruments) dealer working strictly with System Sensor fire alarm devices to have the magnet testing feature. Unlike the down time of artificial or canned smoke testing, magnet fire alarm testing is almost instant. In today's economy, fire alarm testing is all about time. How long is it going to take your technicians to test an entire facility and still come up with a profit? That's the question. However, every other company is thinking the same thing and they are all coming up with ways to shave time and get the contract.

If your crew is dragging a ladder around to each photoelectric smoke detector or Innovair System Sensor duct detector than you have already lost. When I say lost it is not necessarily the contract but you have definitely left good money on the table.

Now there are great fire alarm testing contraptions on the market that allow you to reach high areas with canned smoke. And don't get me wrong, they work great. However, they are very costly and don't seem to hold up to the construction lifestyle to well. Mostly made from plastic, they seem to break after a while. Lets face it fire alarm technicians are not the most gentle humans on the planet.

Real quick three downsides to testing with canned smoke:
  • Canned smoke runs out and becomes a reoccurring expense

  • Canned smoke deteriorates the sensing chamber of a smoke detector after prolonged use

  • When testing with canned smoke you may require an additional trip to the fire alarm device with canned air to clean out the sensing chamber. This equals double labor!!!

We at Dimensional Ventures, Inc. have come up with a simple patent pending device that can be used time and time again to test fire alarm devices with magnet test capabilities without any reoccurring expenses, ladders, or worries of destroying your costumers fire alarm detection equipment. With a simple design allowing us to attach to a 1/2" EMT conduit we are able to perform fire alarm testing at more than twice the speed of standard canned smoke methods.

We have tested this device on such equipment as:
  • i3 System Sensor Smokes

  • Innovair System Sensor Duct Detectors

  • All Addressable System Sensor Smoke Detector models

  • And more