Thursday, March 12, 2015

Help Out Your Local Fire Fighters With a Dry Riser Now!

Dry Pipe Automatic Sprinkler Systems

Fire fighters are there to help you. When a fire breaks out they are rushing out to the fire to stop it before it can cause too much damage. Help them out by getting a dry riser. The dry riser is something that can be fitted into your building to help fight fires as soon as they break out. The outlet that exists outside the building can aid fire fighters further by making sure that they have a source of water they can use.

Dry Sprinkler Pipe System - How It All Works

Fire Sprinkler HeadThe dry riser works on the principle of compressed air. Compressed air is what differentiates it from the dry riser’s counterpart; the wet riser, which utilises water-filled pipes. The compressed air works by pressing the valve shut that prevents the water from entering the pipe. Once the air is released the valve opens up and the water can shoot through the pipes. 
At the end of the pipe is a sprinkler system. Sprinklers open up when a fire has been detected. Naturally, once the sprinkler opens the compressed air disappears and the water can then attack the flames. They may not necessarily be able to eliminate the fire, but what they can do is to make sure that it’s limited. Think of it as giving fire fighters some additional time to get to the scene of the incident.

Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems - Help Your Local Fire Fighters!

Your local fire fighters are not always going to be in the best position when confronted with a fire. Due to rapid urbanisation, it’s now harder than ever to find a suitable water outlet that can provide the supply that’s needed to combat the most serious fires. Dry risers have to get their water from somewhere, and that comes in the form of an inlet valve. Fire fighters are able to attach their tools to this valve and draft the water from there.  
So you don’t have one of those things and they are forced to look elsewhere. Those extra minutes spent looking for a suitable supply of water could mean the difference between your property burning down and the structure being saved. Surely the desired outcome is going to be obvious here?

If you suspect the valve in your high rise has been tampered with ring the dryriser theft hotline.

Dry Pipe Sprinkler System - Where are they Fitted?

From a glance, it seems as if the dry riser system is quite vulnerable. Once the fire takes hold it can attack the pipes and cut off the supply. This is not the case at all. All of these systems are required by law to have their main pipes in a place that’s resistant to fire. Escape stairways are the number one places where these can be found. Note, these fire-resistant areas are not necessarily going to protect it forever. On the contrary, sooner or later the fire will burn through. 
Primarily, it’s to combat minor fires before they spread. If a major fire breaks out, or even worse an explosion, then nothing can be done until the fire fighters arrive.

Dry Pipe Sprinkler System - How Expensive Are They?

If you are looking to install one of these systems then one of the things you will be looking at is the price. Of course, the price is very important because nobody wants to invest a great deal of money in anything. Small businesses may also have trouble meeting large costs, so affordability is perhaps the most important factor. The good news is that companies are offering these systems at a cost-effective price. Regular deals are constantly being employed to encourage people to invest in these systems. 

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