Saturday, December 17, 2016

How to Wire Elevator Shunt Trip

Elevator Shunt Trip Wiring

We have created an easy to follow document for the proper wiring method with elevator shunt trip functions.  This document includes two methods both based on the supervision requirements of NFPA 72 2016 edition section A.21.4.4.

Below is a sample picture of the document that is available for download on our Facebook Group.

It is important to remember that the wiring between the FACP/FACU and the ECID (Emergency Control Interface Device) needs to be supervised.  In one method below, we are using an addressable relay module (FRM-1) to operate the shunt trip breaker directly.  With this wiring method, only the wire to the FRM-1 (SLC) needs to be supervised.  This is obviously achieved through the SLC and addressing of the device.

In the alternate method, we are showing you how to properly wire up the equipment when the load of the circuit exceeds the rating of the FRM-1.  In this case you would need to install a PR-1 interface relay (rated for 10 amps).  Now that you have a PR-1 switching the shunt trip circuit, this becomes your ECID (Emergency Control Interface Device) and the wiring up to this relay needs to be supervised.  To save the cost of an additional addressable monitor module (FMM-1) we can switch out the FRM-1 with a FCM-1 (addressable control module).  By doing this, we can achieve supervision as well as activation of the PR-1 interface relay through one device.

Elevator Shunt Trip Wiring Diagram

Make sure to download the document and let us know your thoughts.

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