Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fire Sprinkler - Deluge Fire Sprinkler System

A deluge fire sprinkler system works similar to a wet pipe system, however, the deluge system uses open fire sprinkler head or nozzles that do not operate individually.  The pipes are dry in normal operation and the water is held back by an electronic solenoid.  The solenoid is connected and control by a compatible releasing fire control panel.  An initiating device such as a smoke detector or heat detector sends a signal to the releasing panel which in turn energizes the releasing circuit and opens the solenoid.

These types of deluge systems are typically installed in high hazard areas such as power generating stations, aircraft hangers, chemical plants, and other areas that main contain chemicals and or flammable liquids.  Water is not always adequate to control fires in areas where chemicals and flammable liquids are stored.  Often you will find that a foam concentrate is mixed with the water in a part of the system known as the proportioner.  The foam is known as Aqueous Fire Fighting Foam or better known as AFFF.  This foam when mixed with water causes expansion when released through the sprinkler head which in turn deprives the fire of oxygen.

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