Tuesday, September 8, 2015

NICET Inspection and Testing for Fire Alarm Systems

Inspection and Testing of Fire Alarm Systems

If you are involved with the maintenance and periodic testing of fire alarm systems, now is a better time than ever to become NICET certified.  As you may be aware, NICET recently introduced a secondary certification field for the inspection and testing of fire alarm systems.  This was designed to give personnel the ability to become certified for specifically inspecting and testing fire alarm systems without the need to learn all of the other criteria involved with the standard NICET Practice Test for Fire Alarms.

Why become NICET certified?

With NICET being the benchmark for professional certification as well as this new certification field becoming increasingly popular, its time to get on board.  It is only a matter of time before fire alarm specifications start demanding this certification for all personnel involved with the testing and maintenance of their fire alarm systems.

NICET is helping out in a HUGE way. 

Now if the above does not get you to visit the NICET website, maybe this will.....  NICET is now looking to help out their loyal certificate holders by offering some new crossover credit.  This week NICET revised their website to include a page dedicated to the test credits for the new Inspection and Testing of Fire Alarm Systems exam.  In basic terms, it states that if you hold a current level 2 or higher in Fire Alarms Systems, you can bypass the testing process of the new exam.  See the chart below for a in depth breakdown:

Please note there are still some things you need to do one your end to receive your certification.  This includes the submission of

  • NICET Test Application Section 1 and 2
  • NICET Work History
  • NICET Performance Measures
  • NICET Verifier Data
  • Submit a Payment of $140.00 to NICET for the Review of your Documents
The payment can be made online at NICET's website.  Make copies of all your documents and submit to NICET via email at evaluations@nicet.org.

I hope this information proves helpful and remember to keep pursuing NICET in your career.  This company's rigorous testing and background process insure you will always be placed with a solid fire alarm company.
NICET FA 1-4 Study Material
NICET Test & Inspect 1-2 Study Material

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