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NICET Logo PatchNICET stands for the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies and the NICET exam can prove to be one of the most difficult steps in becoming a truly skilled fire life safety technician. This national program has been gaining a lot of respect throughout the last couple of years and is commonly found more and more within the specifications for particular projects. The reason behind this is simple. Architects, building owners and engineers know that NICET certified fire life safety technicians have the experience and knowledge to get the project done. You always know that a NICET certified technician has put in the time and effort to achieve their rank.

The NICET exam process can be stressful and demanding of your free time. This test will truly test your abilities as a fire life safety technician as well as common knowledge within the fields surrounding your trade. The exam is divided into four levels with IV being the highest. Each level is acquired by passing a specific computer based test (CBT).

NICET FA 1-4 Study Material

NICET Test & Inspect 1-2 Study Material

Basic NICET Information Per Level

NICET Level 1 is 75 questions with a time limit of 110 minutes
Minimum 3 months experience to take the NICET Level 1 Exam
Personal Recommendation - NOT Required

NICET Level 2 is 99 questions with a time limit of 150 minutes
Minimum 2 years experience to take the NICET Level 2 Exam
Personal Recommendation - NOT Required

NICET Level 3 is 102 questions with a time limit of 150 minutes
Minimum 5 years experience to take the NICET Level 3 Exam
Personal Recommendation - Required

NICET Level 4 is 105 questions with a time limit of 185 minutes
Minimum 10 years experience to take the NICET Level 4 Exam
Personal Recommendation - Required

Your NICET Level 4 certification will also require you to provide what is known as the "NICET Major Project Write Up".

How to Prepare for the NICET Exam

You have a couple of options, you can go out and search the web, pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars to attend seminars or just simply wing it.  It is a lot of work and takes a good amount of dedication. That’s where we come in. We have prepared a digital download with hundreds of NICET practice exam questions, NICET applications, NICET level 1-4 content outlines, references and CBT demonstration software.  This material will save you a lot of time and money as it is packed with great information all in one easy to navigate location.

Here is a free and useful tip to help you on your road to success with NICET Certification:  Make sure you become familiar with your codes and standards (NFPA 72 and NEC).  Once you have done this make sure you provide tabs in your references.  Here is an article with a complete breakdown for tabbing your NFPA 72 2013 edition.  "NFPA 72 Tabs for NICET Test"  

NICET is a necessity in the fire life safety industry and will soon be a requirement on every project or at every company. Don’t be left behind. Start looking into the NICET Certification process and take the test.

Please note that all of the questions found on this website along with our study material are not directly associated with NICET nor are they found on the actual NICET exam.  These questions are simply made up to help assist you with navigating the code books and locating the answers.  This strategy will play a huge role in your success with the NICET Exam.

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