Bluebeam for Fire Alarm Design

What is Bluebeam and How can it Change your Fire Alarm Takeoffs and Estimates

Bluebeam is a glorified PDF editing software that reaches beyond your expectations. At least in the world of fire alarm design. This software is much like Adobe or Foxit but way more in depth. If setup correctly, Bluebeam can work wonders for your fire alarm take accuracy and efficiency.  

What is different with Bluebeam?

Bluebeam offers and mazing platform that can be setup for quick navigation and access of toolkits, templates, scales and layers. This software allows you to scale a drawing and work with accuracy much like AutoCAD. When laying out a fire alarm system, it is crucial to to make sure your automatic detection initiating devices and notification appliances are spaced properly. When working in scale with custom fire alarm device and notification appliance spacing templates, you can rip though a design in no time at all. 

Did you know the 2021 International Fire Code now requires 120 VAC single and multiple station smoke alarms to produce a 520 Hz low frequency audible tone? 

Bluebeam Software Demonstration

If you are interested in using Bluebeam, I highly recommend watching our YouTube video linked below. This is a quick run through of all the features specific to fire alarm designs and take-offs. 

Bluebeam Profiles and Toolkits

Bluebeam is great in the sense that you can create your own custom profiles and toolkits. Profiles allow you to setup the interface in a way that suits your specific needs Toolkits, allow you to compartmentalize different device and equipment symbols for use in performing take-offs or fire alarm design. If you want to save your self the headache, time and trouble, of creating your own toolkits, we have you covered. The very same setup you saw in our YouTube video are now available for sale right her on our site. 

Bluebeam Profile/Toolkits

Bluebeam Demonstration Video

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