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Kyle Schuler Fire Alarms OnlineMy name is Kyle Schuler and I have been actively involved in the fire alarm business for nearly 16 years. At the age of 34 I constantly find myself wanting more. I have a C-10, ACQ, CA Fire/Life Safety State Certification, and am certified in nearly every name brand fire alarm panel on the market today. On top of that, I just recently received my NICET level IV certification in fire alarm systems. I know what you are thinking; “If he has his own C-10 why did he take the CA State test?” To answer the question is simple. I took the test for two reasons. One, I love taking tests and obtaining additional information in a field I love and two, I wanted to see what my employees were up against.

I started in the industry two weeks out of high school and am currently 34
years of age. I found that this field can be profitable and enjoyable if managed correctly. However, fire alarm contractors are always one of the last trades off of any given project and this can cause some serious stress. Now that I have been involved on the corporate side of the business, I felt it was time to help others. My goal here is to start up a website with loads of information to help other fire alarm contractors. Once this blog is rolling smoothly, I will convert everything over to my website and try the ever so hard task of dominating the Google rankings.

Please follow me and watch this site grow daily with great information on trade secrets and test taking knowledge that I have obtained over my short but very profitable career in the fire alarm business. Also if there is anything you would like to know or share please feel free to post it or let me know.

To a successful future,

Kyle Schuler, SET