Wednesday, December 14, 2016

NFPA for NICET Certification and CBT Test

Do you know how to navigate through the NFPA code books?  

As you most likely know, the NICET test is open book to an extent.  The older version or "Work Element" version of the NICET test allowed test takers to bring in a lot more material.  Now NICET or National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies has eliminated a lot of these books and gone to a CBT test.  This new version of the NICET test stands for Computer Based Testing.  NICET will now administer an exam on a computer with preset questions for the NICET level you are testing.  We have put together a set of study material for the NICET test levels 1 - 4.  This material contains notes, NICET practice tests, reference material, applications and NICET forms, help with good study and test preparation, etc.  We have also included cross references for all of the NFPA 72 code books 1999 - 2013 as well as what sections of the NFPA code books to study for each element.  These references can save you a lot of time as well as help prepare you for the infamous NICET test.  To be honest the NICET test is very difficult and it does not make sense to go in blind.

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