Thursday, December 15, 2016

HyperTerminal with Gamewell IF602 FACP

As we all know, HyperTerminal is a great program that came with Windows based PCs prior to Vista. HyperTerminal is a great program to assist with programming and capturing data for specific fire alarm control panels via their SIM 232 connection port.

In this post we will explain how to properly connect your laptop computer running HyperTerminal to a Gamewell IF602 addressable fire alarm control panel. First of all as with all Gamewell and HyperTerminal connections, make sure to disconnect the Remote Annunciator (RAN) and/or SAN cards.

Next you will notice two phone jacks at the top of the motherboard. These are labeled as J5 and J6. When programming via SmartProgram or HyperTerminal make sure to connect to J6 as shown in the picture.
Gamewell IF602 Motherboard

Port J5 is used for firmware updates.

Once you have connected your programming cable to the Motherboard via J6 and to your computer's serial port open the HyperTerminal program.

After you have completed the above steps be sure to view my HyperTerminal for Gamewell 600 Series video for a complete walk through on the HyperTerminal settings and usage.

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