Below are some of the most common questions we are asked regarding our website and NICET study material:

What does the NICET study material include?

Previously, we shipped out a DVD containing all of the material.  Starting in August 2015, we are now emailing a secure link.  We decided to move to this method as a lot of newer computers and tablets do not include a CD/DVD drive.  The link will include all of the NICET paperwork (applications, outlines, permitted references, etc.) along with all the links to help you navigate the NICET website and schedule your exam.  Lastly is our NICET practice tests for levels 1 - 4.  This NICET practice test is packed with hundreds of questions all organized by category and includes an additional copy with the applicable references and code sections.
NICET FA 1-4 Study Material

What format are the NICET practice tests in?

We created our test in Adobe PDF format.  The file is secured for protection.  You will be issues a password to access the file with your purchase.

Does your NICET Practice Test cover the new Inspections and Testing for Fire Alarm Systems NICET exam?

No.  However, we have created a new NICET practice test specific to the newer Testing and Inspection of Fire Alarm Systems exam.

NICET Test & Inspect 1-2 Study Material

How can I stay up to date with your website's information?

We have a few ways.
(1) Join our email list by inputting your email address into the box titled "Code Information sent to your Inbox".  This can be found on the website's home page in the upper left corner.
(2) Join our NICET for Fire Alarms Online Facebook Group.  This is our most up to date forum with code discussions, tech support, product reviews and general information.  
(3) Connect with me on LinkedIn.
(4) Subscribe to our RSS Feed

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  1. How long does it generally take to get the email with the link for the NICET Study materials? I just purchased it and I had assumed it was a generated email, but it has been almost a 1/2 hour and I only received the receipt from Paypal.