Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hyper Terminal Commands for FCI 7100

FCI-7100 Hyper Terminal Commands

Here are some of the Hyper Terminal commands for the Fire Control Instruments FCI 7100 series fire control panel.  Look here for the FCI E3 Hyper Terminal Commands.

Password Access - [P22] [22] [22] You replace the 2's with whichever level you're needing to access with the correct level's password.

Version - [V]

Report - [R] This will print out loop device configuration, loop, address, and device type for all devices.

Test - [T] [Loop #] [Device Address] This will perform a self-test of the device you choose as long as it is testable then it will report its findings.

Monitor - [M] [0] [SLC Loop# = 0 for loop one or 1 for loop two] [Device Address #] This will begin monitoring of the chosen device on the selected loop.

Stop Monitor - [M] [0] [0] [0] or just by Resetting the FACP.

Reset - [Xn] This will reset the FACP as you would via the front panel.

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