Sunday, May 19, 2013

Card Access System Layout

TOP 10 Card Access Sales Questions

When you visit a job site to gather information for a card access quote, consider these questions:

1) How many doors need Card Access Control?

2) How many users will the Access Control system require?

3) How many locations/zones/partitions need Card Access?

4) Are there any existing Card Access readers?

5) If so what is the current card access system being used?

6) Do they have a card access reader and/or credential preference?

7) Do they want to integrate any other security with the Access Control?

I.E. Intrusion panel or Video?

8) Do they have an existing video platform?

9) Is there existing platform IP or Analog?

10) How old is the video system?

Once you have completed these questions, you will find that designing your card access system will be much easier.  Also ask the client if they have a scale drawing of the floor plans that you can acquire before your job walk.  This gives you a good starting point and area to make detailed notes.

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