Thursday, May 16, 2013

Westin SFO Get Fire Alarm Upgrade

Notifier Onyx Series EVAC Upgrade for Westin SFO

Pyro-Comm Systems, a NESCO affiliate for Notifier just completed a rather complex fire alarm upgrade as it was for an occupied 7 story hotel in the San Francisco area.  The old Simplex 4100 was replaced with a much needed upgrade.  We installed a new Notifier NFS2-3030 with 7 SLC loop cards, full voice, fire phones and all new System Sensor speaker strobe devices.  Here are some pictures of the fire control room before paint.  Sorry for the split pictures as the room is to small to get the shot all in one.
Notifier NFS2-3030 with DVC at the Westin SFO

The cabinet in the upper center is full of 5 Notifier XP6-C addressable control module cards to control the fire phones, first floor fire alarm speakers as well as the 5 elevator cabs and 4 stairwell fire alarm speaker circuits.  Below that cabinet are two battery cabinets each with 2 55aH backup batteries.  One for the Notifier NFS2-3030 and the other for the amplifier cabinet located to the right.  The amplifier cabinet is filled with 4 100 watt amps to power up the 7 floors.  Finally to the right of the amp cabinet is three new 12 amp Honeywell remote power supplies used for both the first floor strobe circuits as well as 40 door holders.

Also not shown in the pictures are the two LCD-160 remote annuciators, the fire phone jack handset storage cabinet and one system printer.  All in all it came out really clean. 

We will be writing another post soon with the details of the installation as we ran into some time consuming obstacles

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