Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Notifier FirstVision Touchscreen Annunciator

Notifier FirstVision

Notifier ONYX Series FirstVision

For a while now, Notifier has had a beautiful touchscreen fire alarm annunciator titled ONYX FirstVisionFirstVision annunciator they will be able to quickly and accurately locate the device(s) in alarm.  With that said, the programmer and system installer can also distinguish valuable information right on the First Vision screen.  Information such as what types of potential hazards are located in the rooms.  Is there paint, gas, chemicals?  Before it was almost impossible to know.  Notifier has now outdone themselves once again with this beautiful and effective FirstVision fire alarm annunciator.  Two other nice features are the two USB jumpers from the Notifier FirstVision to the cabinet.  This makes it nice for programming.  The other is the automatic locking solenoid for the enclosure door.  If there is a fire alarm condition, the Notifier FirstVision door will automatically unlock itself so that the fire department or first responders can easily go to work.

This annunciator boasts a 19" LCD display which not only shows the system condition, but the actual floor plans of the facility and the location of each device.  On top of the fire alarm devices, you can also display the location of items such as: roof access, gas shut off, locked doors, areas of refuge, HVAC shut off, etc.  This tool is unbelievably valuable to the first responders as it drastically reduces research time.  When the fire department responds to a fire in a facility with a Notifier ONYX series fire alarm system.

Here is some info to help you understand it size and current listings.

Cabinet Size:  24.63" W x 22.03" H x 3.47" D
Door Dimensions:  26" W x 22.75" H x 1.016 cm D
Power Requirements:  24VDC @ 3.0 amps, Regulated, filtered and non-resettable
UL/ULC Listed #S5697
MEA: 286-07-E
CSFM: 7300-1525:0103
FDNY: COA#6070

If you would like additional information on the ONYX First Vision touchscreen annunciator, contact Pyro-Comm Systems, Inc.  They are a NESCO affiliate for Notifier with extremely knowledgeable staff to answer your questions.

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