Wednesday, June 19, 2013

SLC Circuit for Duct Detectors Done the Easy Way

Okay we are back to the amazing installation practices that some fire alarm and security companies will perform to lower their labor time and land the job. However, after you will see in this amazing video you will wonder how some of these companies get away with it. And if they are doing these installs after the acceptance test, then how are they living with themselves? Better yet, how does the customer not make themselves aware of what they are paying for? Words cannot express the frustration that myself and other competent contractors feel when they see installs like this.

Here is what we have for you today. This video shows a quick clip of some conventional System Sensor duct smoke detectors installed within the rooftop HVAC unit. However, the previous fire alarm contractor thought it would be a good idea to run a standard 18 awg (American wire gauge) 2 conductor PVC cable open wire across the rooftop from unit to unit. They drilled a hole in the side of each HVAC roof top unit and proceeded to run this PVC cable across the roof and tied them directly to the addressable module for each System Sensor duct smoke detector. This was obviously done because the contractor was one of two things: 1 he was to lazy to get a scissor lift below the deck and find the problem, or 2 he was just not competent enough to resolve the issue without pulling off this nightmare. You be the judge!

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