Thursday, March 12, 2015

System Sensor D4120 Tamper Troubles

System Sensor D4120 InnovairFlex Duct Smoke Detectors 

These conventional duct smoke detectors include a tamper switch feature that results in a trouble signal at the fire control panel when the duct detector cover has been removed or is not properly installed. If your System Sensor D4120 duct smoke detector is displaying a solid Amber LED, then this is the device's indication that the cover is either missing or not properly tightened down. Keep in mind that this trouble condition will also disable the System Sensor's detector test feature, which is activated using one of the following methods; the Push Button on the power board, the Magnet Test or Remote Test Stations.

System Sensor D4120 Duct Smoke Detector

If you are experiencing this trouble condition, ensure that the System Sensor D4120 duct detector cover of the device is properly aligned and the connecting screws are tightened firmly. When properly attached, a small pole on the cover should contact the bottom left terminal of the tamper switch and depress to contact a terminal on the underside of the cover, closing the tamper switch.

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