Friday, May 17, 2019

NICET Facebook Group Post Answers

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Question from post on 5-15-19

Based on the International Building and Fire Codes, a fully sprinklered two story office building with a group B occupancy and 11,000 sq' of floor space per level requires what type of fire alarm system?

The 2015 International Building Code table 1004.1.2 states that business type occupancies requires 100 sq' of space per occupant.  11,000 sq' divided by 100 = 110 occupants per floor. The 2015 International Fire Code section 907.2.2, a group B occupancy with greater than 100 persons on a floor above or below the level of exit discharge, a manual fire alarm system shall be required. Since this facility is sprinkled, only one manual pull box would be required in an approved location IF the waterflow activates the occupant notification appliances.


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