Friday, February 15, 2013

Notifier B200SR B200S Intelligent Sounder Base

System Sensor B200Sr and B200S Intelligent Detector BaseOut with the old and in with the new!  Back in the day, if you wanted multiple single station smoke alarms or System Sensor B200SR and B200S intelligent sounder base, this is not the case.  The B200SR and B200S only requires 24 vdc and your SLC.  That's it, no need to run any extra wires or cables to interconnect.
system smokes with sounder bases to activate together it was complicated.  By complicated I mean you had to run an extra pair of wires between the applicable detectors.  With the Notifier Verifire Tools software and the

Notifier's programming software - Verifire Tools gives you the option to select your detector head (photo, ion, thermal, photo/CO, etc.) with the option to select a check box for intelligent bases.  If you select this option, you can then tell the software which tone you want to use (Temporal code 3, Temporal Code 4, steady, etc.).  Now all you have to do is assign a zone (CBE Control by Event) or build a logic statement to activate these bases.

Another great feature of the System Sensor B200SR and B200S intelligent sounder base is the use of combination smoke and carbon monoxide detection.  Now we all know that combination detectors have been out for a while, however they were limited on their ability to properly annunciate their state.  With the use of Verifire Tools and the B200SR/B200S base you can tell the software what to do in the event of different signals.  Tone #1 (caused by the smoke detection) can go temporal code 3 and Tone #2 (caused by the CO) can do Temporal code 4.  Remember this is totally flexible so make sure to check with your local codes and AHJ before setting the tones.

This is a great feature when installing sounder bases in apartments, town homes or single family dwellings.  Notifier is continuing to come out with great innovations to keep labor time down and profits up.  Below is a partial list of compatible intelligent detectors for use with the Notifier systems and System Sensor B200SR/B200S base:

  • FSP-851  (Addressable Photoelectric Smoke Detector)
  • FSP-851T  (Addressable Photo Smoke Detector with Thermal Element)
  • FSI-851  (Addressable Ionization Detector)
  • FST-851  (Addressable Thermal Detector)
  • FSC-851  (Intelliquad with Four Unique Sensing Elements)
  • FCO-851 (Intelliquad plus Advanced Multi-Criteria Fire/CO Detection)

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