Monday, December 17, 2012

The New Notifier UDACT-2 Dialer Communicator

Notifier UDACT-2 Universal Digital Alarm Communicator TransmitterAs we all know, Notifier is one of the premier fire alarm equipment manufacturers around.  With that said, in my opinion, they have always lacked in the department of the Universal Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter (UDACT).  I never understood why they had a UDACT that had to be programmed separately from the main FACU like a NFS-320, NFS2-640 or NFS2-3030.  Notifiers old UDACT had a keypad mounted to the front of the board and required programming by had which could be pretty taxing on large systems when using the Contact ID format.

Notifier UDACT Universal Digital Alarm Communicator TransmitterNow finally, all of this has been corrected as Notifier has announced and started to ship a new version of the UDACT now known as the UDACT-2.  The new UDACT-2 has no more front programmable keypad as all of the programming is now done through Notifier's programming software, Verifire Tools.  This makes it nice as you can now move much more quickly through the programming steps and more importantly  you can now save a copy of your database.  The UDACT-2 is equipped with a USB port to connect your laptop as well as three push buttons for the following functions:

  1. Transmission Clear
  2. Test Report
  3. Reset
I will be posting a video soon with a walk through for the programming of the Notifier UDACT-2 soon.

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  1. COMM FAIL should be referring to line voltage (48V on hook, 9V off). Make sure you're metering positive voltage from the Red/Grn (Ring/Tip) wires.
    PH1 / PH2 typically refers to the DACT not receiving a proper handshake/reply from the central station. Check your phone number programming and account number as well as communication format.