Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fire Alarm Speaker Zone with Music

Testing Emergency Voice/Alarm Communication speakers with Music 

Here is a great idea when installing voice evacuation systems.  Install an addressable relay and control module for each fire alarm Emergency Voice/Alarm Communication  speaker zone.  Once installed map the addressable relay such as an FRM-1 to a function button such as the DVC with Notifier.  This can all be done through the display and or laptop computer.  Make sure to label the DVC (Digital Voice Command) button with the area served by the speaker zone as well as music such as "Stair #1 MUSIC".  Once you select the Notifier DVC button it will activate the addressable relay.  Hook up an addressable monitor module such as the MMF-101 for Notifier to the SLC and the class B zone leads to the normally open contacts on the addressable relay (FRM-1).  This monitor module should be programmed to activate the music in your program for that specific speaker zone.

Did I lose you yet?

Notifier Voice Evacuation DVC

Step #1:  Map a system function button to an addressable relay
Step #2:  Connect the addressable relay to an addressable monitor module (N.O.)
Step #3:  Program the addressable monitor module to activate a specific speaker zone
Outcome:  When you push the button it activates the relay, the relay shorts out the monitor module and activates the music from your program onto that specific speaker zone.

What is the reason for this?

Every time you perform your emergency voice/alarm communication system testing you can do a quick functional test of the speaker zone paging and alert messages to verify voice intelligibility and sound pressure levels.  After these levels have been verified, you can select the music function and play soft music through the speakers while you walk around and verify audibility/functionality throughout the facility.

Pretty slick right?

Just make sure to have the program written to activate a system trouble at the fire control panel every time this function is in use.  This will ensure that you do not leave a site with music in place of the actual alert tone.

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