Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hyper Terminal Commands for FCI E3

Okay a lot of people have been asking me for this information.  I constantly get asked if I know the Hyper Terminal commands for the Fire Control Instruments (FCI) E3.  In this post I have put down a few to get you guys started.  I will try to get more and update this list as they are found. 

If you know any other ones besides the list I have provided, then please be sure to leave a comment with them.
Honeywell FCI E3 Series Fire Alarm Control Panel

E3 Hyper Terminal / OTS Commands

Level 2 Password for access - [P22] [22] [22] You replace the 2's with whichever level you're needing to access with the correct level's password.

Reset - [R]

Silence - [S] [1] also there is [S] [0] to unsilence.

Version - [V]

Sensitivity Report - [DS]

History Events: Last 20 events - [LP] [2] Also there is this one, All events - [LP] [1]

This should be good to get you started.  I have also put together a small list for the Fire Control Instruments 7100  series fire alarm control panel.  See it here.

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