Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fire Alarm Speaker Amplifiers New vs. Old

Old Analog FCI Fire Alarm Voice EVAC speaker amplifierWow times have changed. Check out these two pictures. The first one is a cabinet full of old fire alarm speaker amplifiers found at a high rise we are currently working at. CHeck out the size that each one of these take up.
Its amazing to think that back in the day this was state of the art!

Like I mentioned earlier, we are changing this existing system out one floor at a time so we currently have our FCI E3 voice system side by side with the old fire alarm panel in the electric room. This is where you truly notice the difference in modern technology. Check out this next picture of the FCI E3 AM-50 cards. New FCI E3 AM-50 Fire Alarm Voice RVAC speaker amplifiersThere are four installed in this one picture, each with the capability of two supervised fire alarm speaker circuits with 50 watts.

It can't wait to see what the next 40 years will bring us.

I have also included some random pictures of this install to show how we have temporarily mounted the new FCI E3 fire alarm control panel using uni-strut. Once the entire high rise building has been switched over to the new FCI E3 we will demo out the old panel and move our new system to the wall.

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PSI technician with FCI E3 fire alarm panel
FCI E3 NGA Touchscreen Keypad on temp mounted FCI E3 FACP

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