Sunday, May 19, 2013

NICET Certification with New CBT Format

Has anyone taking the NICET certification exam with the new CBT (Computer Based Testing) format? I am under the impression that it is the same exam (questions and NICET elements). I completed my NICET level IV before the CBT went into effect.

I know that the Sate exams such as the California State fire technician certification exam is based on a multiple choice format through computer. It deffintly makes things nice not having to bubble in all of your answers on a scan-tron with a #2 pencil.

I would appreciate any help and or feedback on the new NICET testing procedures as I need to update my NICET fire alarm training CD. I am pretty sure it wont matter as the NICET questions are most likely the same.

Also can you still challenge questions on the new NICET test format?

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Another thing I heard is it takes a lot less time to receive your results. Maybe instant.