Thursday, May 16, 2013

Notifier First Vision Touchscreen Fire Alarm Annunciator

Typical LED Graphic Annunciator for Fire Alarm Systems
Typical LED Graphic Annunciator
A while back Notifier (a division of Honeywell) came out with the FirstVision touchscreen annunciator for their fire alarm systems.  The Notifier First vision can be used on both standalone and networked fire alarm systems.  The FirstVision boasts a large 19" LCD screen with large buttons and on top of that, it was designed to work with the touch of a fireman's glove.  Unlike today's typical touchscreens found on the iPhone and Android phones, you do not need to touch it with bare skin.  Now the  Notifier FirstVision is not just any annunciator, it is a digital version of your standard graphic annunciator.  Typical LED style graphic annunciator depicting the entire facility can take up a lot of space are can get very expensive.  Another thing to mention on the typical graphic style annunciator is the labor intensive process to revise floor plans and device locations.  On the FirstVision you simply upload new floor plan backgrounds and relocate/add/delete devices.

The Notifier FirstVision touchscreen annunciator is packed with amazing features making it quite possibly the greatest piece of control equipment in today's fire alarm industry.  Some of the features include:

FirstVision by Notifier to be used with Oynx Series FACP
Firefighter using the Notifier FirstVision
  • 19" LCD Touchscreen
  • Windows Based CPU
  • Touchscreen works with gloves
  • Door automatically opens via solenoid in the event of a fire alarm condition
  • Mounts surface of flush
  • USB connections
  • Works on the NOTI-FIRE-NET vis NFN Gateway over Ethernet
  • Supports multiple Gateways for large network applications
  • Easy programming
Below is our YouTube video demonstration of the Notifier FirstVision touchscreen annunciator in action.  Take a look and let us know if you have any questions.

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